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New Blog Entry: A Tale of Two Kitties

I’ve added a new blog entry to the Notebook. This one was difficult to write; it’s about saying goodbye to a beloved pet — and welcoming another.

You can read it here.

The art galley has art in it now.

What the title says. My art site has art in it now. At the moment, it’s mostly older stuff and some practice sketches of household objects.

Visit my art site here.

New Blog Entry: Just Press Start

I’ve added a new blog entry to Pixie’s Notebook. It’s a not-too-long, but somewhat meandering bit of writing about why I started sharing things online to begin with and why I’m getting back to it now.

Read the entry


This is the new hub for all my websites, most of which are still in the design stages. There’s one for my games already, but there will also be a personal blog/writing site and a site for for my art as I get back into practice. Updates from every site will be posted on this one, so you’ll always know what’s new.

For now, only my Games site contains anything of interest.

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